Snorkeling with whale sharks in the Maldives


We continue with the stories of 9-day trip to the Maldives. On this occasion we explain a very intense day in which we spend most of the time in the water. Besides of snorkeling with whale sharks We did a night dive that did not leave us indifferent ... ready?

At half past five the alarm rang. At six o'clock we had been with Is and Vera to do morning snorkeling and at that untimely hours I had eyelids so close that putting on contact lenses became a precision job.

We go to the area of ​​the "water villas" and start the dive there. Vera had promised us that at that time there was a lot of activity in the water and she was right: we saw a lot of schools of goldfish in full action. It really was very pretty and you didn't get tired of looking everywhere. There were very colorful clown fish, exotic parrot fish, very elegant butterfly fish, very long cornet fish ... Everyone was there, you will see where you look there were a lot of fish.

After an hour or so, we decided to get out of the water because while I was swimming I began to notice that something was itching. It was as if some microscopic entity was giving me little bites, but I saw nothing around me. When I got out of the water I told Vera because it was a bit annoying and she told me it was the plankton. I was amazed!

After the morning exercise we had a good breakfast in the buffet restaurant and I opted for an omelet made at the moment and a few pieces of bacon. Everything to gain strength for the next excursion.

Where will the whale sharks be?

At quarter to nine we had to be at the reception desk resort to go snorkeling with whale sharks. The whale shark national park is located in the south of the Ari atoll and the Vilamendhoo resort It is a good place to do this excursion. I quickly deduced that this is a very popular excursion when I saw that the hotel left two boats loaded with tourists, with about fifty people in total.

We sailed an hour and a quarter at full speed and, when we approached the area where whale sharks usually inhabit, the ship slowed down and a guide began to observe the seabed carefully waiting to see the silhouette of the animal. It was not difficult to guess where he was, since there were already another pair of ships from other hotels and about 40 people in the water, floating above the fish.

At that moment they told us to put on our fins and jump into the water as if we were skydivers jumping into the void. When I fell into the water, I didn't know where to look, since a lot of people were flying around with more or less success. I stared at the bottom and saw him, moving away from there, like a famous man trying to run away from the crowd and the paparazzi.

The close photos were made by our guide who took pity on us 🙂

Everyone started chasing him while deep down, the animal kept swimming. It seemed absurd to go after him and have to fight with forty other people, so I watched him go away and then I was content to contemplate the beautiful reef and the little fish I had next to me.

Later I returned to the ship. The captain picked up all the hikers and directed the boat a little further. Then they told us to jump again because the whale shark was at the bottom. This time I was the first to jump and when I fell into the water I ended up right in front of him! He had a whale shark right in front of him just a few meters away. It was beautiful. He had dark skin dotted with white spots and was huge. The whale shark is the largest fish in the world and can measure up to 15 meters.

It was an incredible moment ... that was totally ruined when almost the whole group went over me to see it. Honestly, it seemed war. We were bad for the poor shark. This is a very popular excursion, but I think they should regulate the number of visitors they receive because if not, the whale sharks will end up as a brake.