Jodhpur express (in less than a day)


That morning I played early, because we only had 6 hours to visit Jodhpur. I don't know why we gave ourselves so little time for it, but then I realized that this was one of the biggest mistakes of the trip: he want to cover more than sensibly advisable. At seven o'clock we get up and have breakfast a while later. With the traditional Indian calm, the cooks took 30 minutes to prepare a cheese and tomato sandwich, which left me thinking about how long it would have taken if we had asked for a Tandoori chicken

As we did not have much time, we opted for the simple plan: visit the fort, go down to the city through its blue streets and visit the market as long as we had available. At eight o'clock we went to the hotel door in search of a tuk-tuk to take us to the fort and the driver tried to convince us to hire him for the whole day, but it didn't make much sense with the plan we had drawn up. The problem came when instead of telling him to take us to the fort, I got involved and told him to take us to the palace (!) And the man started off without saying a word.

When we got to palaceI was surprised that the views from there were modern half-built housing developments. From what I had seen in friends blogs, there had to be a more authentic picture than that, but the tuk-tuk He left us there lying and left. Chittar Palace it's a building that reminded me a lot of Montjuïc Palace. Built exactly the same year, in 1929, it houses a museum and a super-luxury hotel.

Well, there we were at half past eight in the morning, lying in a place where not a soul passed by. We decided to approach the luxury hotel to see if we could call a taxi, but the door guards didn't let us through the security gate. They told us that if we wanted a taxi, we would go down a kilometer downhill to the town, that the mob like us could not set foot in that exclusive place. The truth is that they were more than unpleasant and very classy.

Well, nothing, we walked down the slope until we reached an area where there was at least traffic and in a matter of minutes we stopped a tuk-tuk. However, the poor man did not speak any English (nor did we speak any Hindi). Luckily, there was a man who was chattering him a little and told him to take us to the fort.

Definitely, Jodhpur's star attraction is the Mehrangarh. The fort is still owned by the descendants of the marajá of Jodhpur and is very well preserved. In addition, the entrance for foreigners includes an audio guide with stories in Spanish.

During the journey through the different rooms of the palace you can see objects from the daily life of the marajá. One of the best things about being on top of Mehrangarh is to be able to see the blue house amalgam that make up the old town from the city. There you can see the typical picture of the city. ^^

After the visit to the fort, we headed towards the market going down the old town. If you have time, which was not our case, it is worth getting a little lost in the neighborhood and photographing the different shades of blue with which the houses are painted.

The descent from the Mehrangarh to the market was not very long. The Clock tower It is the symbol that welcomes the commercial area of ​​the city. On the market forecourt, hundreds of people moved up and down, haggling at various vegetable and fabric stalls. We bought a small bale of incense in bulk at a stand, but I recommend that you buy the incense as a brand, because the one we bought didn't smell like anything.