Second trip to New York: Upper East Side, Central Park and Shopping


That day, as usual, I woke up at six in the morning. It didn't matter what time I had gone to bed, that the jet lag was still telling me that it was one o'clock and that it was time to get up.

We looked at the weather forecast: 0 degrees, and since it was not extremely cold, we decided to go for a walk in Central Park by bike. We looked online where we could rent bicycles and looking, we found the Central Park Bicycle Shop, where if you booked online they made a 50% discount. However, before going for a walk in Central Park we decided to pay a visit to the Upper East Side.

Two Little Red Hens pastry shop.

Red Velvet Cupcake

First of all on the agenda was breakfast. That morning we took the opportunity to make another of the many recommendations we had (at the end of the New York newspaper I will make a post with all of them), and we had breakfast at Two Little Red Hens.

The section dedicated to New York at Barnes & Noble

Two Little Red Hens is a small coffee shop where they claim to have the best cheesecake in New York (only cheese, without strawberries). The cafeteria is very small, but it has room to sit and have a coffee while you eat one of its spectacular sweets: muffins, cookies, cakes, pies, cupcakes, brownies, etc ... (^ ¬ ^)

On the Upper East Side he has given them to plant ladders in the gardens ...

The cupcakes had a pint of those that you would eat them all, but I had not just decided for one. I saw that Red Velvet was the specialty of the house, but since I had not quite guessed what it was like (red cupcake with white cream on top) I asked the saleswoman.

-Eeee, it's from ... eee ... I don't know ... it has cream ... and it tastes like ... it's very good!
-Ah! Ok, (everything has been very clear) then put me one.

And it was really very good (better than those of the Magnolia Bakery), so much so, that I later saw that they are the ones who supply the cupcakes to Dean & Deluca. The only bad thing is that they fill up a lot. To those that Gemma tells me a little fly:

-How did you order the coffee? I just don't like this "aguachirri" with milk and I don't know how to order it.

And the truth is that I had not realized until the moment that, unconsciously, when I asked for coffee with milk I did it in the Starbucks style: caffè latte, since, for stories of destiny (and of restaurant tickets) I usually frequent that chain of coffee shops in my city.

Central park

Once we had breakfast, we went for a walk on the Upper East Side, entered Barnes & Noble (240 East 86th Street) which was huge, on Dean & Deluca (1150 Madison Avenue) which, if possible, was even more posh than the Soho And finally we arrive at 5th Avenue, in the so-called «Museum Avenue». Another of the recommendations we had made was to go up to the MET terrace and see the views of Central Park, but because of the cold it was closed.

In Central Park there are many squirrels

We walked through Central Park, where there weren't many people walking, I guess because of the hours and the cold. At the Bethesta fountain we find a lone saxophonist who played for a few coins the few souls that ran there. One of the things that fascinate me most about New York is that when you go for a walk you feel like in a movie, since you are recognizing scenarios and corners that have come out thousands of times in series and cinema.

At eleven we went to pick up the bicycles, then we walked with them to Central Park and once there, we started pedaling along the bike path. One of the positive things about cycling is that in about two hours you can go around almost the entire park. The bad thing is that with the bike you cannot go through the pedestrian zones (you cannot access the Strawberry Fields, the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis reserve or the Belvedere castle). If you want to visit these areas, it is best to get off the bike and walk with it, because if you get caught, fine singing (and there these things are taken very seriously).