The #StarTrip begins, heading to the Riviera Maya thanks to @Iberostar


In these precise moments I am embarking on a flight that will take me to Cancun, previous stop in Madrid. The lords of Iberostar have been pleased to invite me a few days to visit their hotels in the Riviera Maya. So a year after visiting Mexico, I give this beach destination a second chance that disappointed me so much. I will not deny that when I received the email with the invitation to blogtrip I had a high that lasted for hours, and I think that the mail I sent to my closest friends with the subject "WHAT STRONG, WHAT STRONG, WHAT STRONG, WHAT STRONG!" will last a little time in the collective memory.

What seemed a priori impossible escape, in the end, thanks to overtime, the understanding of my boss and, of course, the unconditional support of my partner, has finally come true. For five days, I will visit the Iberostar Paraíso Maya hotels, in Paradise Beach, and Iberostar Tucan in Carmen beach with some luxury travel companions: a total of 6 Spanish bloggers and 6 international bloggers.

The Spanish, accompanied by Cristina Rodrigo de Tinkle, are:

Laura: Trykita
David: Yorokobu
Carol: Flying paranoias
Diego: Traveling with Diego
Eduardo: Werewolf
Isabel: Diary on board