Five places to see cherry blossoms or hanami in Kyoto


In April 2017 I could make one of my dreams come true: travel to Japan to enjoy hanami in Kyoto Hanami (花見) in Japanese literally means "looking at flowers", since it is an event associated with the cherry blossoms At this time, the Japanese go to temples and parks to contemplate cherry blossoms (sakura) in a festive atmosphere. Cherry tree is the national tree of Japan and we can find them planted all over the country. However, if there is a special place in Japan where to enjoy the cherry blossom is in Kyoto. In this article we explain which places we liked the most for Watch the hanami in Kyoto.

1. Philosopher's Walk (Tetsugaku no michi / 哲学 の 道)

Without a doubt the philosopher's walk It is one of the most beautiful places to see the hanami in Kyoto. The philosopher's walk is a path that runs along a canal with hundreds of cherry trees on both sides. When they bloom, the rose petals create a beautiful natural canopy along the walk. The name comes from the famous philosopher Nishida Kitarô who walked them daily when he went to work at the University of Kyoto, where he taught.

The trail is about two kilometers long and starts near the Ginkaku-ji (Temple of the Silver) and ends in the temple Nanzen-ji. However, we started touring it from the Kumano Nyakuoji shrine. As it is one of the most popular points during the hanami, we had a good early morning to enjoy it without being accompanied by large hordes of tourists. At seven in the morning we were already there. At that time there were few people and we could admire its beauty with calm and tranquility.

2. Okazaki Channel

He Okazaki channel He is responsible for transporting water from Lake Biwa (next to hikone castle) to Kyoto. Hundreds of cherry trees are planted next to the canal that make this a very special place during the hanami. We start the visit from the bridge near the Heian shrine (Heian Jingu) and we traveled it until we reached the Aqueduct of the Nanzen-ji Temple. During the hanami you can take boat trips on the canal from 8 in the morning to 20:30 in the afternoon and cost 1200 yen.

3. Keage Incline

Continuing on the Okazaki channel we will arrive at Keage Incline, the old train tracks that connected the canals. Hundreds of cherry trees are planted next to the old roads and it is one of the most special and different photographic enclaves in Kyoto, besides being very popular with couples.