Visit to Miyajima and heading to Matsuyama


Breakfast was served at 7.30 am (o'clock) so we got back early and at 8 we set out to visit the island. As it was soon there were not many people, the tide was low, but not enough to walk under the "Torii". What surprised me to see it during the day is that the structure of the door is not polished pillars, but irregularly shaped tree trunks and I found it even more beautiful.

Itsukushima Shrine

We went along the beach through the Senjokaku Pavilion and the five-floor pagoda until we reached the entrance of Itsukushima Shrine (¥ 300). This sanctuary is suspended by pillars on the beach, so when the tide is high, it is reflected in the water. When we entered the tide was low, but we could see how it went up until it covered it completely.

Walking through Momijidani Park

Then we went up the mountain to Momijidani Park. The park, which looks more like a very careful forest, is very pretty and has many streams, tame deer and red bridges. We reach the foot of the funicular that goes up to the top of the mountain. As we did not feel like going up or paying, we decided to walk again on another road to the guest house to pay and leave. Before that, we stopped at one of the many souvenir shops and bought momiji manju, which is a cake-shaped sponge cake stuffed with chocolate, anko, cheese or cream ... and that is Miyajima's traditional cupcake. The truth is that the cream was very good. In some stores you can see how a machine manufactures them.

Miyajima's traditional sweet, momiji manju.

We took the ferry and then the train to Hiroshima, and there the tram towards the port (tram n.5 takes about 30 minutes and n.1 and n.3 takes 45 minutes). To cross the inland sea and go to the island of Shikoku you can take a ferry or a superjet that makes the journey in a short hour. There is a superjet that links Hiroshima with Matsuyama every hour and costs ¥ 6,900 one way. The ship was almost empty and the truth is that you hardly notice anything, and the view of navigation between the islands is quite impressive. Once in the port of Matsuyama, there you had to take a bus that took you to the city, about 30 minutes. A bus leaves every time a ferry arrives, so it is better not to waste time and go to the bus directly (I would say the price to the Matsuyama train station was 500 ¥).

Another view of Itsukushima Shrine

As soon as we arrived at the Matsuyama train station we went to find a hotel nearby. At the station there was a hotel search service, in which we were found a good hotel for ¥ 10,000 although not very central. As we were not very convinced, we decided to go for a walk near the station and the first we entered they had a room for ¥ 9,250. It was a decent business hotel, with a small room and bathroom, but very clean everything.

Relaxing the feet in a hot spring of the Doge Onsen.