On horseback and on foot through the Colca Canyon


Yes, I recognize it: one of the reasons we ended up hiring a three-day package through the Colca canyon with Killawasi Lodge it was because it included a horse ride. Surely you will think that decanting the balance just for that is nonsense, but you see, I was very excited to ride a horse. Not only in the Colca canyon, but to ride a horse wherever I went, because although I may surprise you, that was my first time. Of course I could have ridden near Barcelona, ​​but it is one of those things that you always say you will do one day and in the end you never end up doing it ... but everything comes in this life and that morning I premiered.

As far as horses are concerned, I admit that I am concerned about the state of the animal, since on some trips I have encountered horses that were in a somewhat deplorable state, the poor, but that was not the case. At the agreed time, two splendid horses were waiting for us at the door of the hotel accompanied by Marie, a French girl based in Peru who was an expert rider.

We got on the horses and began to walk, first through the town and then down to the bridge that crosses the river. We went through meadows and some tortuous roads not suitable for faint hearted, although you are at the mercy of the animal and on some occasion you pray that the animal has no suicidal intentions that day. It's like when we ride a donkey in Petra, that the animal was walking alone along cliffs and thought: "please, please, do not get upset now ...". But nature is wise and obviously both walks were the sea of ​​pleasant.

We climb complicated roads ...

The horses we rode were Peruvians which is a race from Peru and they say they are direct descendants of the horses that the conquerors introduced into the country. It is such a particular breed from Peru that these horses have been declared cultural heritage of the nation.

... and we cross bridges ...

Towards a beautiful day and the sun's rays made the grass glow a lush green color that made even more contrast with the intense blue of the sky. Very bucolic everything. The ride lasted two hours, and despite my reluctance, we jogged for a few minutes. It was a very exciting moment and we both just fell in love with the landscape and those horses. Marie explained that in addition to having a company of horseback riding tours of the ColcaHe also has a small restaurant in town, and he encouraged us to visit him that night for dinner. Riding a horse is a pass, but when you go down, you remember for a while the horse and the saddle.

... and at the bottom there was a river! O_O¡

After the meal, we did a hiking trail through the valley with Freddy. This tour is included if you stay for a night at the hotel. The final point of the tour was the ruins of Uyu uyu. Just when we were going to start the march, the sky was overcast and Freddy handed us a pair of raincoats. The road was not particularly difficult, and we traveled some sections that we already knew about the horseback riding, but there was a point where we began to get into quinoa and corn crops.