Basic Rome 2.0


The next morning we were served breakfast in the room because the B&B had no dining room. They brought us a cart with a breakfast of the champions, which helped us get started after not having slept much.

For that day he had booked the visit to imperial Rome. We start by taking bus # 70 to Piazza Venezia. There we went to visit the Capitoline Hill, where the Capitol is, which was the citadel of ancient Rome and whose current structure was designed by Michelangelo in the 16th century. Michelangelo also designed the trapezoidal square of Campidoglio. In the square is the entrance to the Capitoline Museums, which we did not visit, but also worthwhile. Behind the Piazza del Campidoglio you can enjoy a free view of the Roman Forum.

Imperial Forum

After enjoying the views of the Roman Forum, we go down the steps to return to Piazza Venezia and the monument to Victor Manuel, or also known as the typewriter, which is quite horrifying amidst such ancient wonder.

Just to the right (looking towards the Colosseo) is the Trajan Forum. Trajan began to build this forum in 107 and did it to commemorate the conquest of Dacia (Romania). What stands out most about the Trajan Forum is the Trajan's Column in whose reliefs the Roman exploits of that contest are explained.

Monument tribute to the typewriter.

Going down Via dei Fori Imperiali you reach the Colosseo, which is spectacular. We do not visit it, but for those who think about it, I recommend that you buy the tickets or the guided Internet tour, because the queue to be saved under the sun will be appreciated. The previous time I took the guided tour and arrived quietly 10 minutes before it started without having to queue or anything.

What to say about the Colosseo, since it was like the Camp Nou of the time, had a capacity of 55,000 spectators, and was built in 72 A.D. On the events that were celebrated there, one can get a good idea by watching the Gladiator movie. In front of the Colosseo is the entrance to the Roman Forum and the Palatine.

The Colosseo

One thing I think I have not explained is that I had a keen eye when choosing the weekend we went to Rome, look there were days, because I had to choose the weekend before the Champions League final, which played Barça . For more inri, in the surroundings of the Colosseo there were stands of the sponsors of the final and, of course, the cup, with which you could take a photo after a queue of more than an hour. That weekend there were many people, too much, it was overwhelming. And the suffocating heat didn't help much.